Behind the Scenes with Viola Davis for the 2017 Emmy's

Viola Davis is known for two things during awards season: stunning vibrant-colored gowns, and incredibly powerful and meaningful thank you-speeches. Those two things merged perfectly the first time we worked together. 

Viola Davis


September marked the 3rd season that I've worked with Viola for her awards shows manicures. The first time I manicured her in 2015, I was deeply focused on her nails as she read something aloud off a sheet of paper. Assuming it was a script for an upcoming upside of “How to Get Away With Murder”, I listened only sparsely (because privacy), picking up just a snippet of a Harriet Tubman quote. It wasn’t until much later that evening when she won the Emmy for "HTGAWM" and began speaking, that I realized what I had actually heard was her groundbreaking and powerful “Opportunity” speech! (read the full transcript here). 

Viola Davis Emmys 2015

At this year's Emmy's, the Best Actress Nominee wore a custom bright rust gown by Zac Posen and 118 carats (!!) of Harry Winston diamonds. To complete the fall foliage palette, I manicured her using essie “Bordeaux”, a sexy, deep red wine lacquer. 

Viola BTS Emmy's 2017
Oscars, 2017

This is me with the rest of the fantastic glam squad at the Academy Awards 2017. She won!! 

What color do you love on her the most? What shade should she wear next? Tell me in the comments!