Yes! Color is in for Your Winter Nail Art


The glittery parties are over, the mistletoe and "2018" decorations are down, but the fun doesn’t have to stop there. You may not have an excuse to wear glittery nails anymore (not that you need one!) but this year’s newest nail art trends will make you shine in a different way.

As Creative Director of Paintbox, part of my job is to work on our seasonal lookbook. Our nail designs are inspired by the looks from runway shows, underground beauty trends, and coveted looks and color combinations designed by our artists and clients. Our Resort 2018 collection, Apres Ski (out TODAY!) will help you kick off the year with flying (skiing?) colors.

Our new Resort collection, Apres Ski launches today!

Our new Resort collection, Apres Ski launches today!

Bright Angles

2018 is also bringing some daring looks for the more adventurous snow bunnies in us. Get ready to hit the slopes with Paintbox’s Resort  Collection: Apres Ski. If you’re bundling up for the winter weather, you can still show some skin through a negative space nail design (plus it camoflages growth for us lazy girls - including me!). 

If you want a more classic take, these full coverage looks with bold geometric lines will keep you looking sharp all winter long.


Pastel Dreams 

These powdery hues are whisking us away to sunnier, pre-bomb cyclone days (remember those?). To achieve the perfect pairing, choose one of the following:

- Complimentary colors (opposites on the color wheel, like pink and light green) 

- Analygous (colors that are next to each other on the color wheel, like yellow, lime green, and Tiffany Blue) 

- Triad (colors that are evenly spaced around the color wheel (like tangerine, Ultra Violet, and Kelly green)

- With the same lightness (amount of white), like the combos below. These soft tones are sure to brighten up any bomb-cyclone winter mood.

Afraid of looking like an Easter egg? Trust us, you won’t. But if full-on pale tones aren’t your thing, pair a pastel color with an opaque nude or chocolate brown like Zoya's Desiree in your design to keep your digits looking more neutral. 

Color moment: One of our favorite opaque neutrals is Essie’s January color of the month: Topless and Barefoot! This flawless full-coverage beige has a hint of pink that flatters all skin tones (really!). 


Written by Julie Kandalec and Halle Butler