How to get Lucy Boyton's Oscar's Manicure

This awards season, which runs from early January with the Golden Globes, the Academy Awards to late February, I spent my day with with glamour doll and rising beauty star Lucy Boynton for all 4 major shows. For the Academy Awards, her co-star and real-life love Rami Malek was up for Best Actor for for his incredible portrayal of Freddie Mercury in their movie, Bohemian Rhapsody, and we decided to do something a little more creative with her nail look - all inspired by what Grace Kelly would wear in 2019.

The step-by-step:

I used all Chanel products, but you can substitute in similar products from your stash too!

• begin with a perfect mani and massage with hand cream LA CRÈME MAIN

• prep the nail plate with 99% isopropyl alcohol and base coat - I used LA BASE

• apply one coat of semi-sheer pink BALLERINA to the entire nail & allow to dry

• apply one coat of semi-sheer pink BALLERINA to the tip of the nail only for more coverage and evenness on the free edge. Doing this only on the tip will allow the rest of the nail to dry faster!

• using the brush right from the polish bottle, paint a thick arched stripe of ROUGE NOIR (deepest blackberry) in the center of the nail. It doesn’t have to be perfect, you’ll touch it up later!

• using a detail paintbrush (I love a size 1 brush from this company and line) dipped in ROUGE NOIR, perfect the moon shape along the side walls, the moon and tip. Allow to dry!

• to prevent smearing- use a quick dry top coat like LE GEL COAT and in a sideways motion that mimics the arch shape, top coat only the ROUGE NOIR and allow to dry

• now that the ROUGE NOIR is properly sealed (!), top coat the entire nail with LE GEL COAT - et voila!


Nails by me @julieknailsnyc using Chanel LE VERNIS

Oh and by the way - Rami won the Oscar!

Wearing custom Rodarte, Diamonds by Cartier, Styled by Leith Clark, Hair by @jennychohair, Makeup by Jo Baker.