My Beauty Walking Tour Through Soho with Around the World Beauty

Beauty Trippin’ Through Soho with Around the World Beauty

In a city as big and bustling as New York, it can be hard to sort through all the noise. Even as a local of 8 years now (!), it’s a challenge to uncover every hidden gem that the Big Apple has to offer - there are just too darn many! Luckily, my BEST friend and travel guru extraordinaire, Stephanie Flor (@stephanieflor) of Around the World Beauty, has done all the hard work for me. She’s put together an amazing Beauty Walking Tour of New York, with stops at some of the city’s best kept beauty secrets. I was lucky enough to join her for a walk this Sunday afternoon, and had the most incredible time – each stop felt like a distinct, curated experience. Read on for all the inside details!

Our welcome table at the Alchemist’s Kitchen

Our welcome table at the Alchemist’s Kitchen



Our tour began at the Alchemist’s Kitchen, where Stephanie had a table set with the most adorable mini passports and itineraries for the day. Bursting with light, greenery, and color, the décor inside immediately puts you into a serene state. After introducing ourselves to the rest of the group, we learned about how the Alchemist’s Kitchen harnesses the power of plants and holistic beauty treatments for optimal health. Their upstairs floor hosts a coffee bar (with delicious drinks like Golden Milk Tea and Beauty Elixirs), while their downstairs is home to a cutting edge wellness spa, complete with everything from cryotherapy to infrared sauna, Higher Dose. If you’re looking for the next big thing in health and wellness, you’re be sure to discover it here!



After leaving the Alchemist’s Kitchen, our next stop was the Detox Market. This beauty boutique is Mahnattan-small, but NYC-mighty. They’re leading the charge for sustainability and accountability in the organic and natural beauty world. They have a strict list of ingredients they’ll never allow in any products they sell, so you can feel good knowing that whatever is on display has made the cut. It also doesn’t hurt that they’ve set Stephanie’s tour up with an exclusive discount! So if you’re looking to stock up on Tata Harper, RMS, or other organic beauty favorites, you’re going to LOVE this stop.



Our next stop was Natura Brasil, where we were graciously welcomed with rosé, Tate’s cookies, and real coffee. I first found out about Natura Brasil when they gifted me three of their incredible hand creams, which are still staples in my photo shoot kit. Brazilians take great pride in their hospitality, and that feeling was contagious. While we explored and tried out the rest of the line, we learned about their commitment to philanthropy and corporate responsibility. From sustainability efforts supporting the Amazon, to giving back to community groups throughout Brazil, this is one company that’s seriously investing in their home country. You can really see the level of thought and care that goes in to everything they do, from a fragrance line based on traveler’s experiences in Brazil (an idea I love - obvi!), to products with ethically sourced ingredients from the Amazon (another trip Stephanie and I braved together back in 2016).


If you’re looking for upscale fragrance without the upscale attitude, Atelier Cologne is a must-visit for you. Under the recognizable aqua doorway, this stop wasn’t just immersive and rejuvenating; it was a treat for the senses. Our fragrance expert radiated passion and expertise like I had never seen before, and there wasn’t an ounce of snobbery to be found, despite Atelier’s posh status. The quality of the products really spoke for themselves, and we were taken through the history of the company and their unisex perfume philosophy before smelling several of their most popular fragrances. Each fragrance had a story to tell, from cocktails on a tropical beach to walking through an orange grove. Fragrance is so personal, and it was a wonderful presentation that was informative, helpful, and friendly – not things you usually associate with luxury perfume!


I loved our visit to Red Flower because it combined two of my favorite things: global cultures and beauty! This cozy little shop focuses on ancient bathing rituals from around the world, from Morocco to Japan, to France and Iceland, and everywhere in between. They also offer one of the most luxurious product trials I’ve seen with their full mini spa treatment for hands and arms. The ladies who worked there took us through the whole process of cleansing, exfoliating, soothing, and moisturizing, while explaining the products. I love that Red Flower offers such a pampering experience to anyone who stops in – spreading beauty and kindness is one of the simplest ways to brighten someone’s day.  


The last stop on our tour was vegetarian restaurant Le Botaniste. I’ve been trying to eat vegetarian as much as possible lately, so this was a win for me. It’s a delicious bistro and natural wine bar, and it was the perfect spot to wind down after our amazing tour. We got to sample colorful appetizers and sip on sulfate-free wine while Stephanie gave a closing toast. While the food and wine were delicious, what impressed me was the effect our day had on the group. Instead of immediately going our separate ways once the tour officially concluded, everyone stayed and chatted for over an hour – a testament to the sense of community that Stephanie created. She seriously inspires magic in everyone she meets :)



I’ve had life-changing experiences travelling with Stephanie including trips together to Ecuador, Japan, Hawaii, and soon - Morocco (!), so I love that she’s been able to replicate a slice of Around the World Beauty right here in New York City. Her energy is so positive on the reg, and I loved exploring with a group of like-minded women. It was a fab way to spend a Sunday afternoon in this wonderful city I call home, and I left feeling so inspired and rejuvenated. If you’re in the New York City area, I hope you’ll sign up and check it out for yourself!

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